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Business Consultancy Services

‘Stride Consultancy Group’ along with its services at  has been prearranged to offer a comprehensive series of Services which would append significance to the managing of an Organization. These services are present through a committed group of professionals with wide-ranging industry experience and backgrounds, in order to adapt and set free organization specific solutions to our consumers, with an aim of providing a ‘ONE-STOP Exceptional Solution’ for our clients towards running their big business in an enhanced way. 

 We are offering following types of quality services.

» Business Consultancy :

Stride Consultancy Services Group is one of the knowledgeable, proficient and self-governing service provider firms who work separately to resolve business troubles. Stride has their own superiority oath coordination so that customers can believe positive in the services. We at Stride offer which we are committed to the permanent proficient enlargement of our consultants.

We are stay in Dubai, UAE present consultancy, training and advice to business professionals in Dubai and nearby countries. 

» Accounting - Auditing Services :

Stride Business Consultancy Services furnish complete Accounting – Auditing – Bookkeeping Management which is premeditated to entire daily monetary record-keeping responsibilities as well as your month-end closing responsibilities, followed by preparation of your monthly financial reports and examination of your production.

Stride wishes you to think secure that your bookkeeping structure precisely replicates your in progress circumstances so that you can focus on management of your trade. The Process starts from basic bookkeeping which can be irresistible depending on the volume of your trade and the amount of dealings. Stride will deal with your business investments and stay you on the correct pathway. 

» Company Incorporation :

Stride Consultancy provides company incorporation services along with formation, applications, online registration. We are deliver services to UAE and all types of worldwide companies. We guide the clients about how to setup a company along with incorporation procedure with legal forms and formula. We are highly experience in the business with cheap price structure for all type of services.  If you are forming a Company and wish to register company’s incorporation, we are here to help you out with fast, efficient, economical and accurate process.

Site :

PO box 31303

Level 41, Emirate tower, Sh.Zayed Road.


Tel: + 971 4 3199030

Fax : 971 4 3199031

Mobile: +971 50 3787241


SES London
So we've decided to pop along to the search engine strategies event tomorrow at the Expo centre. Looks like a tiny line up of speakers compared to the usual but from the looks of it, it's just a small scale event that's been pinned onto the a4uexpo event.
Still, they're always good learning opportunities and a good chance to get re-enthused about SEO in general so off we go!
I'll blog an update on Monday

Is combining PPC with SEO the most effective form of online marketing?
Pay per click (PPC) campaigns and natural Search engine optimisation (SEO) have long been segregated by the search engine optimisation industry.
Search engine optimisation purists have tended to add the management of PPC campaigns as an afterthought or even avoided it alltogether when advertising their services or speaking at search engine events. This is probably due to the widely held misconception that a PPC campaign requires little skill or knowledge. This is untrue. Managing a succesful PPC campaign can involve just as much effort as managing a successful SEO campaign, reducing spend and increasing profits is an art in itself.

Despite the above statement, the two forms of online marketing have never been natural bedfellows however, a small number of SEO companies including ourselves have long realised the benefits of combining the two disciplines to potentiate the eficacy of our clients campaigns.

To show how this works I've provided three examples below, each demonstrates the typical course of the relationship between client and SEO firm. The first scenario is based on a PPC campaign, the second on a natural SEO campaign and the third on our combined approach.

Scenario 1 - PPC campaign:

The client

Typical client needs leads fast! The client is impatient for results and doesn't have the time to explore the benefits of a well managed long term SEO strategy, they want to be number 1 in Google and they want it yesterday!

The results

Client signs off the invoice wearily, not too trusting (quite rightly) of the profits he may reap but willing to try anything at this point. The campaign then goes one of two ways:

A - The clients website is a converter and gets him / her a good few leads in the first trial period, client is incredibly happy with you and asks you to keep running the campaign. A good few months down the line, the client is still doing well but the accountant isn't happy!

"What's all this money we're spending on Google then?" they ask.

By this time the client has forgotten the fact that although they're spending £X on Google, theu're actually making £XXXXX out of it. hey agree with the accountant that they should cut costs and give you a call to reduce the spend or cancel the account altogether. You oblige, sales drop off and then they think it must be because of the colour of the website so they go out and spend thousands (with another company) on getting a re-design and still no visitors. They can be heard down the pub moaning that they "tried internet marketing for a while but it didn't work out/the firm I hired stopped getting me leads/people stopped searching for my product on the internet"

B - They website couldn't convert a desperate shopaholic (as you tried to warn them subtly whilst their son/brother/cat who designed the site was sat in the meeting) and nothing happens ... que excuses of outcome A

Scenario 2 - SEO campaign

The client knows a little about search engines and how they work, they are keen to get someone to have a go at it for them but shocked at the amount of time (money) is involved in getting them to the top of Google for a competetive (profit making) keyword. They then either:

A - Kick you out of the door and go with a company down the road who promises to get them to number 1 in a week for £300 (for the highly competetive keyword "blue trainers for sale in west bromwich on tuesday afternoon".
Perversely the client is extremely happy with this and spends countless hours contacting freinds, familly, clients etc boring them to tears with how his website is number 1 in Google for "blue trainers for sale in west bromwich on tuesday afternoon" and gets cross when they type in trainers and his site ranks on page 1, 567

B - They glumly agree to the campaign and spend the next three months constantly on the phone to you asking why they aren't at number one for obscure phrases or their best friends cat"s name even though you've spent hours carefully selecting profitable keywords that will shortly make them rich beyond their wildest dreams and had explained that it would take a good long time for results to show. If they do stick with you for long enough for the results to show, the increased sales are inevitably put down to the fact that they changed their profile picture on the about us page to capture their kindly aspect and not to the fact that you've spent the last few months slaving away at their on and offsite SEO using the most up to date techniques gleaned from detailed analysis of hidden codes in Matt Cutt's blog and a few sneaky secrets only you and your close companions know of.

Scenario 3 - SEO & PPC combo!

Well, if you've read the last two scenarios then you can guess where this is probably heading. For those clients smart enough to take the combined approach, the rewards are plenty. Instant traffic and leads followed up with free traffic three months down the line when they start to get fidgety at the amount they're spending on "internet advertising" something they neither know or trust even after it's made them a small fortune in increased profits and established them on the map. They early profits take the sting out of paying for the natrual SEO campaign and everyone's happy, especially us, the SEO firms as we get to use the data from the PPC campaign as real time statistics which help us immensely with creating a brilliant natural SEO campaign.


Although this post seems alittle cynical, it is intentionally so to bring a bit of light humour to an otherwise dry and frustrating subject of SEO. Of course not all clienjavascript:void(0)ts fall into the categories above and the vast majority of our clients appreciate our work. I'm hust empahasising the negative thoughts that must (reasonably) cross their minds when they hand over their website and monthly purchase orders to a firm they know little about that performs a service they know of even less.



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