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Homeopathic Treatment for Pregnancy Trouble
Sign of Pregnancy:

1. Missing the period:
if conception occur Menstruation period is stooped

2. Nausea:
Nausea at morning especially seen, but its runs all the day.

3. Vomiting or Vomiting Sensation:
vomit the food particles, and false vomiting.

4. Morning Sickness:

5. Fatigue:
Fatigueness all the time.

6. Craving for unlike things or food:
if may be like some food which is not like before pregnancy,its a great symptom of early pregnancy.

7. Spotting:
Light blood passing approximately 4- 6 day after conception .

8. Headache:
General headache are found during pregnancy.

9. General Weakness:

10. Frequent Urination:

Prevent unwanted pregnancy:

1. Use Contraceptive; like
a. Condom- male or female both
b. Contraceptive Pills
c. Other Contraceptive method like; Self emaciation etc.

2. Sexual intercourse during low conception time.

Complication during Pregnancy:

1. Miscarriage
2. Abortion

Homeopathic Treatment for Complication of Pregnancy:


This remedy suits many ailments of the pregnant state. Thus, it is useful in threatened abortion when the character of the pains is changeable, and there is faintness and oppression; of the chest, in retained placenta from the feeble contractions of the uterus. Then, too, it is claimed that by acting on the uterine walls it stimulates their growth and prevents irregular developments and subsequent irregular contractions and this tends to normal presentations. It is, more over, a useful remedy for false pains. Vesicle symptoms accompanying pregnancy call for Pulsatilla. It also; has, like Hamamelis, a tendency to remove undue soreness of the uterus and abdominal walls. It is useful after delivery when the breasts are swollen and painful, with scanty, almost suppressed flow of milk, accompanied by the gloomy, tearful disposition.


In milk fever, where the breasts are stony hard, exquisitely sensitive to the touch and feel heavy this remedy is most useful. There is chilliness, splitting headache, fever coated tongue bitter taste and aching in back and limbs. Aconite. Indicated by mental symptoms, fear of death, and insomnia during pregnancy, impending abortion caused by anger.

3.Magnesia carbonica.

Toothache of pregnant women has been relieved by this remedy, the pains are worse at night and compel the patient to get up and walk about. Nux has toothache in cross, morose women. Sepia is frequently indicated in the constipation of pregnancy; the 200th potency works well. In cases where Sepia fails Opium will often cure. Hamamelis. The drug par excellence for milk leg.

4.Nux vomica.

Morning sickness; the patient is haggard and sick in the morning; retching predominates over vomiting. Anacardium. Similar the relief from eating characterizes. Cerium oxalate. This remedy has been used successfully in the nausea and vomiting of pregnancy. Symphoricarpus. By some physicians this remedy is considered specific. It has deathly nausea and vomiting, and certainly it acts as a palliative in many cases; the 1X dilution is recommended. Dr. Burdick used the 200th. Natrum phosphoricum is a very useful remedy in the nausea of the early months of pregnancy. Carbolic acid will cure vomiting of pregnant women, who at the same time have a frantic headache and are irritable.

Note: Do not use these drug directly without physician consultation.
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