Tuesday, June 16, 2009

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manhattaN nude model wanted for long term deal (female). $unpaid-tfcd-barter. i need a model with a flexible schedule to pose for artwork made in a graphics editer. easygoing deal. all images provided to model to make free use of. will use a digital camera with decent resolution. can travel on the island or arrange a space. below is a link to what i am doing with the pictures. let me know if there is anything we might arrange. thanks and take good care, don

Social Networking Internship
Social Networking Internship Would you participate in a social networking community primarily built to supply a continuous feedback loop to a major vendor for a specific brand? Can you use your social networking (facebook, myspace, tagworld, bebo, friendster, digg, campusbug, etc.) skills to attract a group of individuals, encourage them to build a community around a brand? At Sweet Consultants, we use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Network Marketing (SNM) to maximize brand awareness. Through your network, you would 1. expose contacts to a variety of products, 2. engage contacts in near or real time on as many levels as technologically possible through IM chat, video, contests, surveys, etc. 3. feed this information back to us via email, IM chat or phone. You can work any hours you want, as much as you want. This is an unpaid position, however the top 10 networkers each month will receive a substantial cash bonus based on the volume of traffic generated per project. College students may receive 3 credits per semester for successful completion of a semester's worth of projects. TO QUALIFY: 1. Send an email ( with a link to your SN pages. The more profiles you have on various SN sites, the better. 2. Include a cover letter explaining why we should hire you and what your skills are: include links to sites you've set up, etc. 3. Our managers will review your material and be in touch.

A Short Follow-up

We have written extensively on the role the franchising model can play in a recessionary economic environment, most recently on January 22. While there is some evidence that franchising is a viable alternative model in uncharted economic waters, there are also significant risks.

Although we have previously offered some evidence that franchising business models are weathering the storm better than the market as a whole, it is too early to draw any final conclusions.

To continue the discussion, we refer you to a piece in that vein recently posted on, titled "When Career Turns Down, Franchising is an Option, " by Eve Tahmincioglu, which discusses how "some laid-off workers turn to franchising."


Director of Pharmacy
Pharmacy Director for a Hospital or Health System

Airline Security Experimenting With Lie Detectors
A new lie detector, the GK-1, tested in Russia for airline security shows significant promise towards improving airline security. The GK-1, developed by Israeli firm Nemesysco, uses a minimally invasive two stage process to tell if a passenger is being untruthful. The initial test takes between 30 to 75 seconds and can be performed as part of the standard security screening. Passengers simply put on a pair of headphones and look at a console to answer “yes” or “no” questions into a microphone. For those that fail the initial test, they are taken aside for a more extensive test. At $10k to $30 per installation, the added speed and accuracy of the tests may be a good step towards improving airline safety and helping you get through the “line” that much faster.



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