Tuesday, June 16, 2009

North Korean Missile Test a Growing Possibility
SEOUL -- North Korea moved a long-range missile to a launchpad this week and plans to send it into space in early April in defiance of repeated international warnings.

The Electronic Suggestion Box
Hotel comment cards -- those personal remarks scribbled out by guests and dropped at the front desk -- may become a thing of the past. And customer surveys -- those questionnaires that show up within days after you check out -- also may become a victim of modern technology.


Nephew Mentioned Rep. Murtha in Dealings as Contractor
Robert C. Murtha Jr. has made a sizable living for years working with companies that rely on Pentagon contracts over which his uncle, Rep. John P. Murtha (D-Pa.), holds considerable sway.

Obama's Pentagon Budget: Not Enough for Defense
After three months of very impressive decisions regarding national security, President Obama made perhaps his first significant mistake. It concerns the defense budget, where his plans are insufficient to support the national security establishment over the next five years. Thankfully, this mistake can be fixed before it causes big harm -- either by Congress this year or the administration itself next year.



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