Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Strategies for Survival
How do some companies get through tough economic times relatively unscathed -- or even better off -- while most of their competitors struggle to survive? In this report, you'll hear many of those success stories, and meet the people behind them.


Apple update supports new Canon, Nikon SLRs
Canon's Rebel T1i

Canon's Rebel T1i

(Credit: CNET)

Apple released a software update Thursday to let its Aperture 2, iPhoto '08, and iPhoto '09 photo-editing software handle raw images from three newer SLRs, Canon's Rebel T1i, Nikon's D5000, and Olympus' E-30.

Higher-end cameras offer raw image formats that provide more flexibility and quality than JPEG, but the raw file formats are proprietary, vary from one camera model to another, and require companies such as Apple and Adobe Systems to release a constant stream of updates. Microsoft relies on camera manufacturers to supply software for Windows that can interpret the raw data, which is taken directly from camera image sensors without in-camera processing.

Camera makers typically supply their own software for handling raw images, but many people prefer their own photo software.

Further detail on Apple's support is available on Apple's raw camera support page.


How to Choose a Financial Adviser
As investors look for guidance in these troubled markets, one question looms above all others: Whom can you trust? Having a professional on your side is crucial. But how can you guarantee that your expert is reliable?




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